Cartel; Encuentros Antipodeanos con el poeta Miguel Hernández (2010)


Antipodean's encounter whit the poet Miguel Hernandez

This year is the centenary of the Spanish poet Miguel Hernández (1910-1942).
In the Antipodes we remember him for his moving poetry and humanism.

We celebrate this centenary with modest touches, combining the creative
potential of words, visual arts and music. We intend to rediscover the poet
and his verses in a relaxed manner; reflect on the past and present;
consider his legacy and value for our times, in art and in life.

In the hectic rush of daily affairs, it is easy to forget the spiritual and
sensual nourishment of the arts and literature. Today we take a much needed
breath, relax and share the beauty of Hernández’ verses and the modern creative
work they inspired.

The miracle of life finds its best expression in the arts – humanistic communion
above the confines of time and borders, giving hope to suffering, shelter to thought
and vision to those who cannot see. The ordinary words and rough textures in the
poet’s hands acquire rich meanings and stir deep emotions; they inspire us to doubt
the certainties and to find certainty in doubt, allowing the imprisoned spirit to fly.
ff mendoza -2010 Edited by Stan FloreK


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