First Amazigh Festival in Australia (2009)


Amazigh is the original name in “Tamazight” language given to the native indigenous people of North Africa, also known as “Berber”. Amazigh means free man. They are distributed from the Atlantic to the Siwa oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean to the Niger River.
Exhibition (from 12pm), Aboriginal Performance & welcoming (4pm), Leichhardt Mayor’s speech (4:20pm), Berber documentary screening (4:30pm), Dinner with Seksu/Couscous + 1st Raffle Prize (5pm), Moh Alilech (6:30pm), Massa Bouchafa (7:30pm); Khadya Azalam (8:20pm), 2nd Raffle Prize (9:10pm), Moh Alilech (9:15pm), Massa Bouchafa + 1st surprise prize (10:10pm). Festival Ends 11pm.


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