Invitation Exhibition - Four Elements Convergency -Kiama _NSW (2010)


Four Elements Convergency

Artists, Anton Olea (Painter), Federico F. Mendoza (Experimental Mixed Media) and Marisol Jaque (Ceramist) explore aspects of collaboration between the creators and the four elements of Mother Nature. They focus on the relationship between creativity, philosophy, personal identity and commonality.
The artists capture the basis of the four elements in their artworks and demonstrate different connections, experiences, traditions and perspectives at a collective and individual level.

The exhibition will be open from the 1st – 7th June at Kiama Community Arts Centre.

Special Opening Ceremony:
5th June, 5pm – 9pm

Anton Olea (Painter)
As a surrealist visual artist, Anton explores the traditional and contemporary mechanisms of society and where the four elements of Mother Nature are embedded into the human life. Anton’s paintings contain mixed media, oil and acrylic substances, expressing a human dependence on technology, but also a defensive stance towards the unconscious expressions and personal sensitivity filled with dreams and hopefulness.

Federico F. Mendoza (Experimental Mixed Media)
Federico chose the difficult path of expressionism; ambivalent and experimental works where the four elements are represented crossing opposites and transitions. He explores the different parodies and ironies with some critical surroundings and social realities. His imaginative works are situated in the constant balance between order and chaos. affmendoza/

Marisol Jaque (Ceramist)
Marisol moves originality through a path between traditional techniques of ceramic arts and personal creativity. As a ceramist, she travels through the four elements , forcing the expression of creativity and its form within her works.

The Old Fire Station Community Arts Centre is located at the corner of Terralong & Shoalhaven Streets,


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