Create brilliant meditations in an age of speed

International Artists and Western Sydney residents Anton Olea and Federico Mendoza havebegun a residency at Auburn Artist Studio, alongside the Peacock Gallery and opposite Auburn Botanic Gardens. They invite community members to join them in the creation of a giant papier-mâché peacock. Everyone is welcome to follow the creative design and technical processes throughout their residency and to participate in any
of the activities that the public program offers and of course in the oversize paper mache sculpture.

The brilliantly coloured peacock has an important status in many cultures and symbolises aspects of the title the artists have chosen for their exhibition “Millenary Antipodes”. “Millenary” refers to a thousand, especially a thousand years, and “antipodes” refers to location, where people live , in diametrically opposite parts of the world. “The Antipodes” may also refer specifically to Australia and New Zealand from the perspective of other parts of the world.

Federico and Anton both have Spanish-speaking background, but they come from two separate continents and hemispheres with very different cultures and histories. “Millenary Antipodes” make them reflect on notions like ancestral memory, heritage, special anniversaries and the passage of time – the opposite of the here and now.

Although they work with contemporary technology in their art, they fear that mass media and the overall frenzy for speed has the capacity to destroy. Through the workshop and their individual art they look forward to discussing some of these issues with visitors and participants, as they all take time to reflect.

“Millenary Antipodes” will open at the Peacock Gallery on Saturday, May 1 and finish on Sunday, May 23. The exhibition will include the sculpted peacock and completed individual work by the artists.

Throughout the exhibition, Anton and Federico will also continue their work of artistic, paint, installation and intervention. A lively program of activity includes the Sydney Writer’s Festival on Tuesday, May 18. The artists have already been working with Zalzala,a project of Auburn Poets and Writers. The closing ceremony on Saturday, May 22, will include music and cultural performances and artist talks.

For more information contact 9735 1316.

Exhibition Period: Saturday 1 May – Sunday 23 May 2010
Opening Hours: Wed – Sun, 12pm-4pm


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